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South-West Victorian Livestock Exchange

New logo and name for saleyards

News Article Date: 
Friday, 26 August 2016

The Warrnambool saleyards have been given a new name and logo.

The saleyards will now be referred to as the South West Victorian Livestock Exchange or SWVLX.

Following a Council decision to retain the saleyards in the Caramut Road location, saleyards manager Paul White worked with local stock agents to rebrand the saleyards.

“Over the past year we’ve held discussions with the agents over marketing and branding of the saleyards and it was agreed that a renewal of the name and logo was due,” Mr White said.

"The logo makes reference to the saleyards being in Warrnambool but it was also considered important that our name reflected the fact that we run a facility that serves a large region.”

The 2015-2016 financial year was a successful one for SWVLX.

For the first time the annual value of cattle sold through the facility topped the $100 million mark.

Sales of 90,437 head of cattle, 7,398 calves and 1,117 sheep generated the record return.

The saleyards are owned and operated by Warrnambool City Council and are supported by local stock agents, producers and buyers.

Warrnambool Stock Agents Association President Anthony Mahony said the new name and logo would consolidate the status of the saleyards as the premier livestock selling venue in the South West.

“Producers have enjoyed a great year and we think the SWVLX has played an important role in providing a competitive environment that has led to top prices being paid,” Mr Mahony said.

“The reality is that the SWVLX is the premier livestock selling facility in the region and its name and image needed to acknowledge that.

“We’re looking forward to another solid year.”

Every year Council reinvests in the facility to ensure it meets the expectations of buyers, sellers, the various accreditation authorities and also animal welfare.

“We have allocated funding for work that will include drainage followed by the roofing of a large section of the yards which have earth flooring,” Mr White said.

“This will allow for stormwater capture, improve conditions for animals and will mean that we can use this section of the saleyards at any time of the year.

“We’re also adding more lighting, installing a new compressor and water main.”


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