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Mystery in the Trees

News Article Date: 
Thursday, 22 December 2016

Eagle-eyed visitors to the Warrnambool CBD may notice that strange creatures have begun appearing in the trees.

Warrnambool artist Gary McCosh has created and hidden 20 Australian animals, a project dubbed Mystery in the Trees.

The animals range from a 60cm thorny dragon to a 7m python, with a mixture of wildlife indigenous to the local area and some from further away.

Mr McCosh said that he came up with the idea when discussing local activities with international tourists at one of his accommodation venues.

“I was telling them about things to do in Warrnambool when out of nowhere a kangaroo appeared at the window,” he said.

“They were beside themselves with joy, and it made me realise just how much people love Australian animals.

“I thought it could be fun to make some of my own and hide them around the CBD for people to either try and find, or to stumble on by accident.”

Warrnambool City Council City Centre Renewal Project Manager Ben Storey said that Mystery in the Trees is another incentive to enjoy the vibrancy of the CBD.

“Unless you’re looking for them, you could walk past most of the animals without even noticing,” he said. 

“By encouraging people to pay a little bit more attention when exploring the city centre, not only might they find a mysterious animal, they may be more aware of some of the great new retail and dining options which have opened up in the city recently.

“But most importantly, these animals are about fun, especially for kids.”

For those seeking an adventure, clues have been created which if solved, will lead to all 20 animals. A map with all of the animal locations is also available.

Both can be found at

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