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Local Laws reviewed for clarity and effectiveness

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Sunday, 16 December 2018
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A review of the Warrnambool City Council’s Local Laws has produced a clearer, more streamlined document.

The draft laws, which are reviewed every 10 years, are now out for public comment.

Warrnambool City Council Manager City Amenity Glenn Reddick said that while the laws had been rigorously reviewed, their essence remained the same.

“Local Laws are there to protect safety and amenity in the municipality,” he said.

Issues including the disposal of waste, the keeping of animals and conduct in public places are covered by Local Laws.

“New Local Laws have been added where gaps existed, the document has been streamlined for practicality and better interpretation, and some Local Laws which were redundant or unenforceable have been deleted,’ Mr Reddick said.

“The removal of schedules and maps from the laws will also streamline processes. By hosting this content on our website instead we can negate the need to amend the Local Laws whenever Council wishes to make changes to matters like prohibited alcohol areas or off-leash dog areas.”

Council’s six existing amenity-related Local Laws (Local Laws Two through Seven) have now been condensed into one new Local Law entitled Community Amenity Local Law.

Local Laws that have been superseded by State legislation including the Road Safety Act 1986, Road Safety Road Rules 2017, Impounding of Livestock Act 1994 have been removed. This does not diminish Council’s ability to enforce these matters as it can continue to do so under this legislation.

The Saleyards Local Law may be replaced by a procedures manual. The Airport Local Law was unenforceable as it related to land that is located outside the Municipality and its management is covered by Civil Aviation Safety Authority legislation. The airport can be adequately managed in the absence of the Airport Local Law.

To view the Draft Local Laws click on the link to the right.

To make a submission on the draft go to

Submissions close on January 25, 2019.

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