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Cary Reed from the Infrastructure Management Group

Horsepower helps with footpath audit

News Article Date: 
Wednesday, 21 March 2018

A four-wheeled motorbike is being used to carry out a comprehensive audit of Warrnambool’s pathway network.

Warrnambool City Council Coordinator Asset Management John Finnerty said that Council aimed to undertake an audit every five years, with the process taking about two weeks.

“The first complete audit of our pathway network using this method took place in April 2013,” he said.

“Using a motorbike means that the job can be completed about four times faster than would be possible on foot.

“The quad bike has four cameras, two on the front and two on the rear, and a laptop for data entry and mapping purposes, so it simply wouldn’t be practical to carry out an inspection this thorough by any other means.

“The data from the 2013 audit has proved invaluable, and I am really looking forward to having the latest data available. 

“Council manages and maintains a 328km network of pathways worth $46 million, so it is one of our most valuable assets.”

The operator scores every 20m section of footpath from one to five based on its condition. 

This data allows Council’s assets team to easily view the sections of pathway in greatest need of repair, while the footage allows the condition of the entire footpath network to be observed and compared with the previous audit.

“A quad bike with mounted cameras is not something people would usually encounter when out for a walk, so we have had a few enquiries from curious residents,” Mr Finnerty said.

“As the bike is sharing footpaths with pedestrians, for safety reasons it is only travelling slowly.”

The audit is being carried out by the Infrastructure Management Group, which specialises in the completion of road and footpath surveys.

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