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Funding for the visitor economy

News Article Date: 
Wednesday, 2 May 2018

The multi-million dollar allocation by the Victorian Government into improving the Great Ocean Road visitor experience has been welcomed by Warrnambool City Council.

Advocacy by Council and the Great South Coast local government alliance helped secure $153.2 million for the Geelong City Deal which includes progressing stage two of the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan.

“This is hugely significant for Warrnambool and we acknowledge the Victorian Government for this commitment,” Mayor Cr Robert Anderson said.

“The master plan is about enhancing the experience for visitors to the Great Ocean Road and encouraging longer stays in the region.”

Warrnambool Chief Executive Officer Bruce Anson said funding had come after years of advocacy effort including more recently from the Great South Coast Regional Partnership.

“This is about protecting a globally recognised visitor attraction that is worth about $800 million to the Victorian economy annually.

“In 2015, there were an estimated 630,000 international visitors who visited the Great Ocean Road but did not stay in the Great Ocean Road region.

“Of these visitors, 81% were either on holiday or visiting friends and/or relatives.

“Just over a third of international day visitors who visited the 12 Apostles only come to Victoria because of the opportunity to visit the 12 Apostles/Great Ocean Road area.

“Funding of the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan will help ensure visitors enjoy a world class experience along the Great Ocean Road.

“Viewing facilities will be upgraded along with parking arrangements and an interpretive centre will be developed.

“The average length of stay at the 12 Apostles is 20 minutes. We want to turn day trippers into overnight visitors who are exploring the region including Warrnambool.

“Already we have an estimated 300,000 international visitor nights in Warrnambool.

“An enhanced Great Ocean Road experience will boost that number and be of great benefit to our visitor economy.

“The funding the master plan will achieve this.”


The Great Ocean Road visitor economy

Great Ocean Road – 7.2 million visitor nights; comprising 6.1 million domestic visitor nights; 1.1 million international visitor nights.

Warrnambool - 1.5 million visitor nights comprising  1.2 million domestic visitor nights and 300,000 international visitor nights.

Source: Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism


Converting international day trips to overnight stays is critical to boosting Great Ocean Road regional economic benefits from tourism


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