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Frank Woodley

A frankly hilarious show at Fun4Kids Festival

News Article Date: 
Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Australian comedy legend Frank Woodley will take to the stage at this year’s Fun4Kids Festival, presented by The Standard, with two shows on Sunday July 9 which promise to be just as much fun for parents as they will be for kids.

After spending 20 years as one half of arguably Australia’s greatest ever comedy duo, Lano and Woodley, Frank has worked on numerous solo projects of late, including a comedy show for kids.

“There’ll be stories, such as my worst show-and-tell experience at primary school, I pull apart the mechanics of chasey including the tag-back vortex so there’s some audience participation with that, I’ll play a few songs and I might even do a magic trick… anything I can think of to keep the kids laughing for an hour,” he said.

He said that the most important aspect of performing comedy for kids was ensuring that the subject matter was relatable.

“I realised that as long as the content is stuff that kids relate to, then I just have to craft the comedy and perform it in exactly the same way I would for an adult audience,” he said.

“With my worst show-and-tell experience story, I could tell that story in an adult stand-up show and as long as I contextualised it, it would make sense and still be funny. 

“When everything works, the kids are laughing and the adults are laughing as well, and there is something really gratifying about finding something that parents can share with their kids.

“I find it really satisfying if I can make the parents and the kids enjoy the same joke. If I can find a way to do that, it’s a real bonding experience for everybody in the room.”

Frank will share the Festival Hall stage with more than 20 other headline acts including Jimmy Giggle, Lah Lah’s Big Live Band, Pirate Captain Festus McBoyle, Paw Patrol and the Melbourne City Ballet. 
The annual Fun4Kids Festival celebrates the imagination and creative spirit of kids and caters for families with children aged two to 12 years of age.

Situated within an indoor “village” approaching 10,000sqm in size, Fun4Kids provides a feast of experiences for children from top performers, hands-on craft, and creative challenges to elaborate playspaces, reading areas and interactive displays. 

This year Fun4Kids has a second “village”– the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village. Flagstaff Hill, which features a stunning recreated 1870s coastal village, is now officially part of the fun.

To learn more about the festival, visit

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