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Karen Sutherland of Edible Eden Designs

Find inspiration for a more sustainable garden

News Article Date: 
Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Want a garden that could improve the quality of stormwater entering our waterways?

Be inspired to build a rain garden in your backyard.

A rain garden is a specially designed and constructed garden bed that captures stormwater that runs off hard surfaces when it rains.

Garden designer and teacher Karen Sutherland of Edible Eden Designs will deliver two talks in Warrnambool in September.

The first will discuss how to build a rain garden while the second will look at how to attract bees and other beneficial inspects to your garden.

Warrnambool City Council is presenting the talks.

“Building a raingarden in your own backyard is one way you can make a difference to the environment and contribute to healthy waterways,” Warrnambool Mayor Tony Herbert said.

“And if you are a keen fruit and vegetable grower – or would like to be – this is a great opportunity to find out about the important role that insects play in pollinating flowers and edibles.

“Having a balance of the right kinds of insects in your garden also helps reduce the numbers of pest insects that can attack your plants.”

Karen Sutherland is an experienced teacher who runs a variety of workshops for councils and community groups.

She is one of a few qualified instructors available to teach about rain gardens for home gardens, having completed a program through Melbourne Water.


The details

What: Backyard sustainability: rain gardens and beneficial insects

When: Saturday, September 21.

10am: rain gardens.

2pm: Attracting bees and beneficial insects to your garden.

Where: The Pavilion

Cost/bookings: the sessions are free but people are encouraged to book via the following links

How to Build a Rain Garden -

Attracting Bees and Beneficial Insects into the Garden -

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