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Draft policy to manage itinerant trading

News Article Date: 
Thursday, 7 February 2019

Warrnambool City Council has released a draft policy to help manage itinerant trading in Warrnambool.

“The Draft Itinerant Trading Policy responds to the rapidly evolving retail industry which in recent years has seen a considerable increase in mobile and itinerant trade,” Manager City Amenity Glenn Reddick said.

“The policy, now out for public comment, will bring us into line with other municipalities across Victoria.

“Until now we have not had a policy to accommodate this changing retail environment, nor a mechanism to help manage itinerant trade in accordance with our local laws.

“The policy also seeks to create a level playing field with long-term retailers in permanent locations who are already paying rates and rent for the right to conduct business

“The proposed fee structure will help cover Council’s costs in overseeing, administering and monitoring itinerant trading activities to ensure that permit conditions are being adhered to.”

The draft policy covers itinerant activity which uses public land for commercial purposes.

This includes food vans, personal training, hiring of sporting or leisure equipment, and associated activities which charge a fee or sell goods.

It does not cover events, footpath trading, promotional activities, free community services or activities which are covered by a Council lease or licence, nor itinerant trading on private land.

Objectives of the draft policy include:

  • To allow for the operation of itinerant trading activities in a manner that does not interfere or conflict with the City’s established fixed retail and services.
  • To ensure that the operation of itinerant trading activities are appropriate for the area and do not cause any nuisance to the surrounding residents or businesses.
  • To ensure the amenity of the area is protected whilst enhancing the area’s vibrancy and encouraging patrons to the area.
  • The proposed itinerant trading provides a net benefit to the community.

The proposed fee structure is similar to those adopted in other municipalities with an annual itinerant trading permit to cost $600, a six-month permit to cost $350 and a 48-hour permit to cost $125. The proposed annual fee for market organisers and other organisers of multiple itinerant traders is $1500.

The proposed fees have been benchmarked against those of other municipalities including:

  • Moyne Shire: $125 per week; $250 per month; $500 per quarter, $750 per year.
  • City of Ballarat: $550 per annum.
  • Glenelg Shire: $178.50 per day; $510 per month; $915 for three months.
  • Rural City of Wangaratta: $39 application fee; $72 per day; $510 per year; $410 for 52 weekends.
  • Greater Shepparton: $67 per day; $670 per year; $560 for weekends.
  • City of Greater Bendigo: $685 per month lakeside; $507 per month CBD.

Submission on the draft policy can be made at


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