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Council meeting summary June 5, 2017

News Article Date: 
Tuesday, 6 June 2017

For more information and appendices for each item, view the Council Meeting Agenda.

The below summary is unconfirmed until the Minutes of June 5 Meeting are accepted by Council.
1. Opening Prayer & Original Custodians Statement

2. Apologies


3. Confirmation of Minutes

Council confirmed the minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on May 1 2017.

4. Declaration by Councillors and Officers of any Conflict of Interest in any Item on the Agenda


5.1 Draft 2017-2021 Council Plan and 2017-2018 Budget

Council previously endorsed the release of the Draft Council Plan and Draft Budget for public comment.

Six submissions were received in relation to the Draft Council Plan while three submissions were received in relation to the Draft Budget.

Once Council has reviewed the submissions, the Council Plan and Budget, with or without amendment will go before Council for formal adoption at a Special Council Meeting on June 22.

Council supported the following recommendations (7-0):

1. That submissions as attached in relation to the Council Plan are noted and that Council consider the submissions in conjunction with the 2017-2021 Council Plan at a Special Meeting of Council to be held on Thursday, June 22 2017.

2. That submissions as attached in relation to the Draft Budget are noted and that Council consider the submissions in conjunction with the 2017-2018 Budget at a Special Meeting of Council to be held on Thursday, June 22 2017.

5.2 Mayoral and Councillor Allowances Review

In accordance with the Act, Council is required to review and determine the level of Mayoral and Councillor Allowances by 30 June 2017.

Members of the public have had the opportunity to make a submission to Council under section 223 of the Act in regards to the proposed level of allowances.

As there were no submissions received in relation to the review and setting of allowances, it is recommended in line with the resolution of Council on 3 April 2017, that Mayoral and Councillor Allowances are set at the top of band for a Category 2 council.

Council supported the following recommendation (7-0):

That Council retain the Mayoral and Councillor Allowances at the top of band for a Category 2 council i.e. currently set at $24,730 Councillor Allowance and $76,521 Mayoral Allowance.

5.3 Activities and Initiatives 2016-2017 – March Quarter

In order to achieve the objectives established in the Council Plan, a set of Activities and Initiatives are developed for each year of the four-year plan.

Funding allocations to deliver the Activities and Initiatives are outlined in Council’s annual Budget and in 2016-2017 there were 158 Activities and Initiatives identified. These actions and initiatives are representative of the broad range of work that is undertaken by Council on behalf of the community.

Good progress in the actions continues across all of Council’s Key Objective areas.

So far, 25.9% of the program has been fully completed. Of the residual actions, 71.5% are on schedule, 1.9% behind schedule and 0.6% were withdrawn due to changes in circumstance or funding.

Council received the report (7-0).

5.4 Monthly Finance Report – March 2017

This Finance Report compares actual financial results against budget for the 9 months from 1 July 2016 to 31 March 2017.

The report sets out financial results for Council's Recurrent (day to day operations) Projects, Capital Works, Rates and Loan activities.

Year to date budgets are profiled monthly to reflect the timing of cash inflows and outflows.

Overall the 9 month actual results indicate a favourable financial position of $901,000 when compared to the YTD Budget.

Council received the report (7-0).

5.5 News and Social Media Policy

With the line between traditional news media and social media increasingly blurred a policy addressing both has been developed. It is proposed that this policy replace the Media Policy and the internal Social Media Policy which applies to staff.

The News and Social Media Policy – refer Appendix A does not seek to inhibit people’s right to express a view. It does provide guidelines around how to do so without misrepresenting Warrnambool City Council, breaching copyright laws or defaming individuals.

Council depends on news and social media to inform the community about Council activities. Council also receives feedback from the community via social media.

The draft News and Social Media Policy will help ensure consistent and clear information is delivered to the community from the Council.

Council supported the following recommendation (7-0):

That the News and Social Media Policy as presented be adopted.

5.6 Community Engagement Policy

Council’s engagement with the community is guided by the Community Engagement Policy which assists Council in connecting with the community and seeking feedback in relation to key projects and initiatives.

The policy is due for review.

The policy assists in achieving the strategic objective of Council to “practice good governance through openness and accountability” which is contained in the Draft Council Plan.

Council supported the following recommendation (7-0):

That Council adopt the revised Community Engagement Policy.

5.7 Petition (Joint Letter) For Council to Improve Public Toilets and Change Facilities at McGennans Carpark

Council at its 3 April 2017 meeting received a petition with 73 signatures which requested that Council improve the public toilets and change facilities at McGennans carpark (Refer Appendix A).

In accordance with Council’s Local Law L1 Governance, the petition was referred to the Chief Executive for consideration and response.

Council has a Warrnambool Public Amenities Strategy which contains a detailed 10 Stage/Year priority improvement plan for public amenities (Refer Appendix B).

Council supported the following amended recommendations (7-0):

That Council:

1. Note that the replacement of the McGennans Public Amenities is identified as a priority action in the Warrnambool Public Amenities Strategy 2013.

2. Write to the author of the petition and provide them with a copy of the Warrnambool Public Amenities Strategy and advise that replacement works are now scheduled for 2019/20.

5.8 Procurement Policy

Council prepared a revised Procurement Policy which was placed on public exhibition from 16th February 2017 to March 31th 2017.

One submission was received on the revised policy and is attached as Appendix A.

The policy has been updated to reflect the submissions request that local benefit considerations be made more prominent in Section 2.1.2 of the policy.

Council supported the amended recommendation (7-0):

That Council adopts the Procurement Policy.

5.9 City Centre Renewal Pedestrian Treatments

A number of Councillors have recently sought advice during discussions on the Stage 1 and Stage 2 City Centre Revitalisation project relating to pedestrian safety at roundabouts and the need to provision for ‘zebra’ crossing treatments on roundabout crosswalks.

There has also been discussion about bus routes and a proposed loop that was identified in the City Centre Revitalisation – The Structure Plan.

The City Centre Revitalisation – The Structure Plan which was adopted by Council on 9 July 2012, identifies that Liebig street between Raglan Parade and Merri Street are to be transformed to a pedestrian priority area. (Refer Appendix A).

Council at its meeting of 8 July 2013 resolved to seek approval from VicRoads for a two year trial of pedestrian crossings at the intersections of Lava Street and Liebig Street, and Liebig Street and Koroit Street. This resolution was subsequently rescinded at its meeting of 29 July 2013. (Refer Appendices B & C).

Advice provided by Council’s design team Outlines Landscape Architecture, the City Centre Road Design Auditor O’Brien Traffic, the Safe System Solutions Road Safety Audit and the Warrnambool City Centre Traffic Review undertaken by Ratio Consulting all support the inclusion of pedestrian priority at roundabouts with high pedestrian demand. (Refer Appendix D).

Roundabout crosswalks are now being finished with a concrete surface in lieu of bluestone surfaces to provide a contrast with footpaths and to be consistent with recent crossing installations (Koroit Street).

Council supported the following recommendations (7-0):

That Council:

1. Acknowledge that officers have made amendments to the design of roundabouts in the City Centre project area at the intersections of Liebig Street / Lava Street and Liebig Street / Koroit Street to accommodate the provision of ‘zebra’ crossings on all crosswalks.

2. Seek consent from VicRoads for a trial of pedestrian crossings on the Liebig Street / Lava Street and Liebig Street / Koroit Street roundabout crosswalks.

3. Install ‘zebra’ crossings on all roundabout crosswalks as part of the City Centre Renewal Project, if approved by VicRoads, and review their effectiveness within 2 years of installation.

4. Note that pedestrian crosswalks are now being finished with a concrete surface to provide contrast from adjacent footpaths and to allow the provision of ‘zebra’ crossings.

5.10 Road Management Plan Review

The Road Management Act (2004) provides the opportunity for councils to develop a Road Management Plan to establish a management system to prioritise road functions. The Road Management Plan is based on Council’s policy and operational objectives and sets relevant standards in relation to Council’s road management function.

A review of Warrnambool City Council’s Road Management Plan (June 2013 version) was undertaken by the Assets and Development team including workshops with relevant teams and management personnel.

It is proposed that the Road Management Plan be amended in accordance with the recommendations provided in Appendices 1, 2 and 3.

The draft plan and review report has been presented to the public in accordance with the Road Management (General) Regulations (2016) and the Local Government Act (1989) with Council receiving no submissions.

Council supported the following recommendation (7-0):

That Council adopts the attached – Warrnambool City Council Municipal Road Management Plan Version 5 April 2017.

5.11 Bridge Asset Management Plan

At its 3 April 2017 meeting, Council resolved to release the Bridge Asset Management Plan for public comment and to consider any submissions at a future Council meeting.

The Bridge Asset Management Plan was released for public comment between Saturday 8 April and Saturday 6 May inclusive.

Council received a total of 22 submissions regarding the plan.

Amendments have been made to the document which reflects the intent of submissions received.

An Asset Management Plan (AMP) is a strategic document for managing Council’s infrastructure and other assets such that they deliver an agreed standard of service.

A key purpose of Asset Management Plans is to drive longer term thinking and planning to ensure the organisation is operating in a financially sustainable manner.

The Asset Management and Development team is in the process of refining Asset Management Plans with the objectives of both increasing the sophistication of each document and updating each plan with contemporary data.

The first plan to achieve the desired standard is the Bridge Asset Management Plan (Appendix A), which is currently ready for consideration and adoption.

Council supported the following recommendations (7-0):

That Council

1. Adopts the attached – Warrnambool City Council Bridge Asset Management Plan Version 3 March 2017.

2. Refers the annual maintenance shortfall of $55,000 and the renewal backlog of $2,432,809 to the 2018/19 budget process for funding consideration.

5.12 Warrnambool Botanic Gardens Masterplan Final Report

Council commissioned a Masterplan for the Warrnambool Botanic Gardens in 2016 to guide future improvement, development, and management of the gardens for the next 15 years.

The Masterplan was undertaken by consultants and overseen by a Project Working Group with representation from three Council directorates – Community Development, City Infrastructure and City Growth.

Development of the Masterplan involved significant community consultation that was developed and implemented internally, led by the Manager Community Planning and Policy.

The Masterplan was completed in May 2017, and incorporates forty-two recommendations.

The Project Working Group proposes that, subject to Council endorsement of the Masterplan, the next step be to identify key infrastructure priorities and develop detailed design and costs, as well as progressing internal actions such as policy development.

Council supported the following recommendation (7-0):

That Council endorses the Warrnambool Botanic Gardens Masterplan (2017), and requests the Project Working Group develop priority projects from the plan for implementation.

5.13 Cycling Reference Group

Cycling Reference Group (CRG) was established informally in early 2016 as a consultative mechanism to address issues around infrastructure, amenity and opportunity related to cycling in Warrnambool.

At Council’s meeting on 28 November 2016, the CRG was confirmed as a formal Council reference group, and Cr. Hulin was appointed as Council’s representative for 2017.

The CRG has met and has reviewed its membership and proposed Terms of Reference.

It is recommended Council confirm membership and Terms of Reference for the CRG.

Council supported the following recommendations (7-0):

1. That Council endorses the following community representatives as members of the Cycling Reference Group for a term expiring 30 June 2018:

Richard Adams

Rob Gunstone

Shane Wilson

Clare Vaughn

Kate Haberfield

Tricia Blakeslee

James Finnerty

Peter Medding

2. That Council endorses Richard Adams to act as Chairperson of the Cycling Reference Group.

3. That Council endorses the Terms of Reference for the Cycling Reference Group as attached to this report.

5.14 Assembly of Councillors Records

Council received the report (7-0).

5.15 Mayoral & Chief Executive Council Activities – Summary Report

Council received the report (7-0).

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