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Council meeting summary February 7, 2017

Council meeting summary February 7, 2017

News Article Date: 
Tuesday, 7 February 2017

For more information and appendices for each item, view the Council Meeting Agenda.

The below summary is unconfirmed until the Minutes of February 6 Meeting are accepted by Council.
1. Opening Prayer & Original Custodians Statement

2. Apologies


3. Confirmation of Minutes

Council confirmed the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on December 19 2016 (7-0).

4. Declaration by Councillors and Officers of any Conflict of Interest in any Item on the Agenda

Cr Neoh declared a Conflict of Interest in Item 5.7.

5.1 Monthly Finance Report – December 2016

This Finance Report (refer Appendix A) compares actual financial results against budget for the six months from July 1 2016 to December 31 2016.

The report sets out financial results for Council’s Recurrent (day to day operations) Projects, Capital Works, Rates and Loan activities.

Year to date budgets are profiled monthly to reflect the timing of cash inflows and outflows.

Overall the six month actual results indicate a favourable financial position of $263,000 when compared to the YTD Budget.

Council received the report (7-0).

5.2 Disabled Parking Review

At the May 2 2016 Council meeting, a petition was received with 200 signatures which asked Council to consider providing more disabled parking spaces in the city centre.

Council resolved on June 6 2016 to undertake a review of disabled parking provision and utilisation in the city centre.

This report presents the findings of the Disabled Parking Review (see Appendix)

The Disabled Parking Review has identified a number of issues, opportunities and recommendations for consideration.

Council supported the following recommendations (7-0):

That Council: 

1. Endorse the Disabled Parking Review and its recommendations. 

2. Consider recurrent funding allocations for disability parking improvements as part of the 2017/2018 budget process.

5.3 Procurement Policy

Section 186A of the Local Government Act 1989 requires Council to prepare, approve and comply with a procurement policy.

Section 186A(7) of the Local Government Act 1989 requires that at least once in each financial year a Council must review the current Procurement Policy and may, in accordance with the section, amend the Procurement Policy.

The revised Procurement Policy is based on the model MAV Procurement Policy which has been designed specifically for Local Government (refer to Appendix).

The MAV model Procurement Policy has been through a significant redesign which has removed much of the procedural detail of the current model policy. The procedural detail is now incorporated into a Procurement Manual and the policy now covers the key principles and commitments of Council in relation to procurement.

Council supported the following recommendations (7-0):

That Council: 

1. Agree to release the revised version of Council’s Procurement Policy for public comment for a period of 28 days.

2. Consider submissions in relation to the revised version of the Procurement Policy at a future Council meeting.

5.4 Road Management Plan Review

Council has a Road Management Plan that sets relevant standards in relation to Council’s road management functions.

Council must, in accordance with Road Management (General) Regulations (2016), conduct and complete a review of its Road Management Plan within the period referred to in section 125(1) of the Local Government Act (1989) (before June 30, 2017).

The aim of the review is to ensure that the standards set for road inspections and maintenance are appropriate.

The review process will include workshops with all relevant Council staff and the community will have the opportunity to make submissions on the plan.

Council supported the following recommendation (7-0):

That Council notes the requirement for review of the Road Management Plan and the process for this review under the Road Management (General) Regulations (2016).

5.5 Lady Bay – Horses on Beach

The horse racing industry has a long history and association with Warrnambool and its beaches. This has attracted increased attention after it was revealed the 2015 Melbourne Cup winner, Prince of Penzance, used the Lady Bay Beach as part of its training program.

Council issues permits to race horse trainers to exercise horses on the Lady Bay Beach in partnership with the South West Owners & Trainers Riders Association (SWOTRA).

Complaints have been received which relate to a number of aspects of the horse on beach training activities. Concerns raised relate to the impact of horses on the coastal environment and safety risks to other beach users. Complaints have also been received from horse trainers about public behaviour towards horses.

New permit conditions were introduced for the Lady Bay in September 2016 to improve safety, environmental, amenity, equitable access and logistical issues. Council did not issue permits for 2016/17 for horse access at Levys Beach which is subject to cultural heritage issues and approval from the Victorian Government.

Prior to the conclusion of the annual swim only period from December 1 to February 28, Council officers will meet with the Warrnambool Racing Club (WRC) and other stakeholders to manage horse access across the region.

Growth in the industry during 2017 saw numbers of up to 120 horses accessing the beach on some days. This was a significant increase on previous years where numbers were estimated at a maximum of 50-60.

Following Cr Cassidy moving and Cr Hulin seconding the motion, Cr Neoh requested that the third point be amended to include the provision of either cones or signage to indicate the boundary. Cr Cassidy and Cr Hulin accepted the change.

Cr Anderson then moved an amendment to the motion to the effect that the on-site official be a permanent position instead of a periodical one.

This amendment was defeated 2-5.

Council supported the following amended recommendations (5-2):

That Council enter into negotiations with the Warrnambool Racing Club (the Club) to establish an agreement that would see the Club manage Horse on Beach activities at Lady Bay on behalf of the Warrnambool City Council, subject to the following overarching principles: 

(i) Allowing a maximum of 16 horses to access the designated beach area for exercising at any one time (working in groups no larger than 2), subject to a maximum of 96 horses per day; 

(ii) Horses swimming must be confined to the designated swimming area subject to a maximum of 20 horses per day; 

(iii) Allowing horses to access the beach area between the Pavilion Car Park and the northern most access to McGennans Car Park with cones or signage to indicate the boundary. 

(iv) Require the Warrnambool Racing Club to periodically have an official, on site monitoring compliance with Council permit conditions that has the power to suspend trainers, riders and horses that do not comply with Council conditions.

5.6 Draft Warrnambool Foreshore Precinct Framework Plan

The Warrnambool Foreshore Precinct Framework Plan is currently being developed.

The draft Plan (see Appendix) is jointly funded by the State Government and Warrnambool City Council and responds to the Warrnambool Economic and Development Strategy 2020 to identify opportunities to facilitate appropriate investment within the Precinct.

The preparation of the draft Framework Plan has been informed to date by key stakeholders in the Precinct, including a number of economic development type proposals where Council has been approached for advice on process and suitability.

A Framework Plan provides a long term possible vision for the Precinct. Many of the recommendations in the finalised Framework Plan will require further investigation and consultation.

The Plan also includes by way of addendum a proposal presented to Council in December 2016 by the Warrnambool Racing Club for development of a temporary horse sand training track within the Foreshore area and within the boundary of the site of the proposed Framework Plan.

The next step is to place the draft plan on public exhibition for wider community views on the contents of the draft Framework Plan. There may be other concepts and ideas (including items from previous studies in the Precinct) that arise as part of wider consultation with the community that will be brought back to Council to inform the finalised Plan.

The findings of the consultation will be reported back to Council.

Cr Neoh moved and Cr Anderson seconded the motion with an amendment to the effect that the 2007 master plan be added as an addendum to the plan before going out for comment.

Council supported the following amended recommendation (7-0):

That the draft Warrnambool Foreshore Precinct Framework Plan be placed on public exhibition with the 2007 master plan be added as an addendum to the plan before going out for comment.

5.7 Reid Oval Development Plan

Stage 1 of the Redevelopment of Reid Oval was completed in 2015.

Council provided $30,000 towards the Reid Oval Development Plan in 2015/16 to determine the priorities for future improvement works.

The draft plan was presented to Council, and exhibited for public feedback in September 2016 with sixty-four submissions received.

The submissions demonstrated broad agreement with the vision and key infrastructure priorities.

The Development Plan identifies that Reid Oval be recognised as the premier regional outdoor sports ground for Warrnambool and the Great South Coast.

The Plan identifies six key infrastructure priorities in three stages for development:
- Reid Oval playing surface upgrade
- Playing surface lighting upgrades
- Player and umpire amenity upgrades
- Improved spectator amenities
- Improved cricket training facilities
- State/Regional Sporting Association offices.

The proposed priority improvements are valued at $6.81m.

Facility standards and management of use are key considerations for the implementation of the Development Plan.

Funding for the construction of the project could be sought in a couple of ways, and the amount achieved will determine what the local contribution (from Council and local stakeholders) would be and the extent to which the project would need to be staged.

Funding of $100,000 is required to progress the design phase in 2017/18.

Cr Herbert moved and Cr Hulin seconded that the first point of the motion be amended to include words to the effect that given the project’s importance, Council make it a priority to complete the works within five years.

Council supported the following amended recommendations (6-0):

That Council: 

1. Endorse the Reid Oval Development Plan to guide the development of the site and that given the project’s importance, Council make it a priority to complete the works within five years.

2. Endorse Reid Oval as the Premier Regional Outdoor Sports Ground for Warrnambool. 

3. Allocate $100,000 to commence the project design process is referred to Council’s 2017/18 budget for consideration. 

4. Actively lobby Government for funding for the project. 

5.8 Active Warrnambool – Project Status Report

The Warrnambool Recreation Plan 2007 – 2017 is scheduled to conclude this year, and it is considered timely that a new Plan be developed.

A new Plan aims to provide direction in response to changing sport, recreation and physical activity trends, and inform the service, infrastructure and programming needs for sport, recreation and physical activity in a growing regional city over the next ten years.

VicHealth’s Local Government Population Profile 2015 identified that 32.8% of Warrnambool residents participate in organised physical activity (28.7% State average) and 69.2% in non-organised physical activity (70.5% State average).

Warrnambool residents are more likely to participate in a sporting club or organisation (17.2%) compared to the rest of the state (9.8%).

Funding of $30,000 was received from Sport and Recreation Victoria under its 2016/17 Community Sport Infrastructure Fund planning category. Council also allocated $30,000 in 2016/17 to support development of the new Plan.

A brief has been developed to guide the development of the new Plan. The brief separates the project into two stages – Stage 1 Background Report and Stage 2 New Plan.

Stage 1 of the project has been completed.

It is now proposed to commence the second stage of the project. Given this stage incorporates all the engagement components, it is now appropriate to confirm governance and delivery arrangements for the project. It is expected the project will be completed by December 2017.

Council supported the amended recommendation (7-0):

That a Councillors Anderson and Herbert be nominated to the Project Control Group for the Active Warrnambool project.

5.9 Assembly of Councillors Records

Council received the report (7-0).

5.10 Mayoral & Chief Executive Council Activities – Summary Report

Council received the report (7-0).

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