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Council lobbying for recycling solution

News Article Date: 
Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Warrnambool City Council continues to push for State Government funding to help resolve the recycling crisis.

Recycling services face an uncertain future as a result of China making a decision to no longer accept poor quality recyclable materials from Australia’s oligopoly of recyclers.

Local government is responsible for implementing strategies relating to waste and has paid significant sums of money through a tip tax to fund future waste management including diverting materials from landfill and into recycling.
The Victorian Government has amassed in excess of $500 million through the tip tax to improve waste management but has not implemented sustainable alternatives to avert the current crisis.
At its recent meeting Council unanimously voted for the Municipal Association of Victoria to discuss the following motion at its State Council meeting:

1. That the Victorian Government acknowledges that it has responsibility to coordinate and fund state-wide initiatives and responses which support the Local Government collection system. 

2. That the Victorian Government acts to alleviate our dependence on offshore recycle re-processing and immediately utilise the proceeds from the landfill levy to develop local recovery options. 

3. That the Victorian Government act as soon as possible to strategically support and leverage sustainable industry investment in new business and technology, with the land fill levies proceeds, so that new industry is created, that will utilise recyclable materials from all Councils around the state. 

4. That the State should continue to support Local Councils in reducing the cost impacts on ratepayers in the interim period until these alternate industries are able to be established. 

“If the State Government does not adequately support Local Government, communities will be paying again to resolve the recycling issue - after already having contributed landfill levies,” Warrnambool Mayor Cr Robert Anderson said.

“The State Government has the capacity to support progressive waste management efforts which would allow Councils to process their own waste and recyclables without sending materials offshore or adding more to landfill.

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