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A cleaner Merri River

News Article Date: 
Friday, 27 February 2015

Merri River water quality will be improved following modifications to a stormwater drain leading to the river near Duirs Street, Merrivale.

The end section of the drain, which previously flowed directly into the river, has been replaced with native grasses and a series of rock swales .

The project received funding of $8500 from Parks Victoria and was supported by Warrnambool City Council (WCC) and the MAD (Making a Difference) for the Merri group.

WCC Merri River Facilitator Karen Wales said it was anticipated the work done would slow water flow from the drain, trap rubbish, filter out sediment and reduce erosion.

Ms Wales said in the past the drain would discharge water into the river at a fast rate, along with a significant amount of rubbish and sediment.

“We’ll look closely at how this structure performs and it may be an installation we place at more outlets which discharge stormwater into the river,” she said.

Parks Victoria Ranger Team Leader Ben Hammond said there was a direct link between what comes off the land in stormwater, the quality of water in the Merri River and the impacts on the sea life in the Merri Marine Sanctuary at Stingray Bay.

“Along with good behaviours like reducing litter and picking up after your dog, structures like this will keep the Merri clean for people and nature alike,” Mr Hammond said.

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