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Buyers beware of costly tickets

News Article Date: 
Thursday, 27 October 2016

People have been warned to be cautious when purchasing tickets for local performances and events online, with some resellers advertising tickets for hugely inflated prices.

Lighthouse Theatre Manager Mik Frawley said scalpers were selling overpriced tickets through third-party websites when there were still tickets available from the official ticketing outlet or venue.

Mr Frawley said some overpriced tickets were being marked up by up to 100 per cent of the original price.

He said aggressive online marketing by third-party sites meant they can appear in search results ahead of official ticketing outlets. As a result some people had clicked through and bought expensive tickets without realising they were not purchasing from the original source.

Some of these resellers were even advertising tickets they had not yet obtained.

“The resellers wait for an unsuspecting buyer, then purchase legitimate tickets and pocket a substantial mark-up”, he said.

The practice of resellers hawking overpriced tickets online had been an issue for the industry nationwide for about 18 months, he said, but it had only recently begun to creep into regional areas.

“It is pervasive and it is going to get worse,” Mr Frawley said.

Tickets to the upcoming Jimmy Barnes show at Lighthouse Theatre are priced at a maximum of $119.90 through the official site but Mr Frawley has seen tickets for resale at more than double that price.

Other upcoming local events such as “Footy’s Regional Roadshow” have also been targeted by resellers.

He said ticket resellers often claimed there were very few tickets left to certain events to prompt people to make hasty purchases, when in reality many good seats were still available direct from the theatre.

“Many resellers use legitimate third-party sites intended for use by people to resell valid tickets to events they could no longer attend”, Mr Frawley said.

Mr Frawley said legitimate tickets would be honoured by the Lighthouse Theatre so as to not further disadvantage those who have been overcharged.

Mr Frawley urged people to always check with the official ticketing outlet, venue or organiser before purchasing from a reseller to ensure they buy legitimate tickets at the best and fairest price.

If choosing to buy from a ticket resale site, customers are advised to exercise caution. Check for buyer protection policies, a customer service team, and the terms and conditions of the event organiser.

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