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Bluestone paving in Liebig Street.

Broadened scope of City Centre Renewal

News Article Date: 
Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The positive rate of progress on the southern end of Liebig Street means that work will soon begin on the kerbing at the intersection of Timor and Liebig streets.

The work will start on Monday, July 9, and from Thursday, July 12, the northern half of the roundabout will be closed for up to three weeks.

East-bound traffic can still access Timor Street between Liebig and Gilles streets but to exit the block motorists will be required to complete a U-turn in front of the Lighthouse Theatre.

From July 30 the construction crew will return to complete road paving at the intersection of Liebig and Koroit streets.

This will require closure of the northern half of the roundabout.

East-bound Koroit Street traffic will need to U-turn at the public toilets while south-bound Liebig Street traffic will need to U-turn in-front of Black Pepper.

From Monday, August 6, a full closure will take effect to enable the paving crew to install the final asphalt layer and line mark to the entire intersection.

While the timing of work is subject to favourable weather the intersection is expected to re-open to traffic at 9am on Tuesday, August 7.

No on-street parking will be available in Liebig Street between Faull’s Shoes and Timor Street under the full intersection closure.

“The additional work we’re doing as part of the City Centre Renewal – plus some unexpected costs – mean that we are looking at the overall project having a value of about $18 million.

“There has been understandable interest from the community around the project’s budget,” Director City Infrastructure Scott Cavanagh said.

“We’ve grown the project when we were presented with additional funding opportunities; we’ve also encountered unexpected costs.

“We successfully applied for TAC funding for pedestrian safety improvements and along the way uncovered ‘surprises’ which we had to deal with such as the two concrete Telstra manholes that not even Telstra was aware of.

“From the TAC Pedestrian Safety Casualty Area program we received a grant of $733,000 towards a CBD-wide $1.67 million pedestrian improvement project. We’ve also allocated funding from Council’s own Drainage Fund to deal with ageing and failing drainage.

“And Council made a key decision - the results of which we have had great feedback on - to invest in premium quality local basalt paving.

“This has given the project a really great finish.

“Looking at the overall project budget it’s been a positive and much needed investment in the heart of our city to ensure it remains relevant, vibrant and meets 21st century expectations.

While the major renewal will be completed over the next year Council will continue to invest in upgrades across the city centre to ensure Warrnambool has the best possible pedestrian links and public spaces.

“The city centre means a great deal for Warrnambool in terms of liveability and economic prosperity. It’s also significant for the region as a centre for retail, health and professional services,” Mr Cavanagh said.


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