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Big boost in visitor numbers

News Article Date: 
Friday, 1 April 2016

The “Oddball” influence appears to have been a very positive one for Warrnambool with the latest tourism figures showing healthy growth in visitor numbers.

Figures provided by Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism reveal that in 2015 Warrnambool received 347,000 overnight visitors, up by 10.4 per cent on the 2014 figure.

Visitors spent nearly 1.2 million nights in the Warrnambool region, up by 23.9 per cent on 2014.

International overnight visitors to Warrnambool in 2015 numbered 33,400, up by 41.9 per cent on the 2014 figure.

“This is a really encouraging result for the city, particularly with 73.1 per cent of visitors choosing to come for either a holiday or to visit friends and family,” Warrnambool City Council (WCC) Tourism Services Manager Peter Abbott said.

“It also reflects positively on Council’s decision to support the production of Oddball the movie which has helped remind people across Australia and abroad just how beautiful our city and coastline are.”

The United Kingdom was the Warrnambool region’s largest source of international visitors (19.8 per cent), followed by Germany (9.6 per cent) and New Zealand (6.6 per cent).

Interstate visitors to Warrnambool grew by 30.8 per cent from 2014 to 2015.

The most popular activity in the region was eating out or dining in a restaurant or café (63.9 per cent of visitors), followed by visiting friends and relatives (39.9 per cent), going to the beach (38.1 per cent), sightseeing (30 per cent) and going to entertainment venues like pubs and clubs (23.6 per cent).

Warrnambool’s share of visitors to the Great Ocean Road region also grew.

Warrnambool received 17.6 per cent of visitors and 18.6 per cent of overnight stays in the Great Ocean Road region. Compared to the 2014 data the share of visitors was up one per cent and the share of overnight stays up 3.6 per cent.

WCC Chief Executive Officer Bruce Anson said Council was a significant contributor to Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism which had been building the national and international profile of Warrnambool and the Great Ocean Road Region.

“Council makes a serious contribution to tourism and it’s great to see that investment is paying off for local businesses.”

Warrnambool tourism over 2015

• Domestic overnight visitors up 10.4%
• Number of nights stayed up by 23.9%
• Interstate visitors up by 30.8%
• Domestic day trips up by 3.2%
• International overnight visitors up by 41.9%

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