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Bag it and bin it - it's never been easier

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Tuesday, 27 February 2018
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The Warrnambool City Council is making it easier than ever for dog walkers to do the right thing when out and about with their four-legged friends.

New dog waste bag dispensers have been installed at the Blue Hole, Thunder Point, Albert Park, Brierly Reserve and on the Russells Creek trail near Mortlake Road.

A map has also been produced which shows bin and bag dispenser locations along Warrnambool’s foreshore, as well as highlighting areas where dogs are allowed off-lead all year.

Warrnambool City Council Strategic Waste Management Officer Kate McInnes said that while owning a dog can come with significant health and social benefits, it also comes with responsibility.

“We all love our dogs, but not what they leave behind,” she said.

“Each year Warrnambool’s dogs produce more than four hundred and thirty tonnes of poo, and unfortunately, too much of it ends up on our footpaths and ultimately in our waterways.

“So every time you go out with your dog, remember to take a bag with you. Old bread bags work really well, as they are nice and long and fully cover your hand.

“The dispensers we have around the city can be handy if you forget to bring a bag, but ultimately, it is the responsibility of all dog owners to carry bags with them and pick up after their dog.

“Despite what some people may think, dog poo is not good fertilizer. It is actually harmful to the environment and takes more than a year to fully breakdown.

“Bagging dog poo is important, but just as important is making sure you put that bag in a bin. The foreshore map is a handy resource as it shows quite clearly that a bin is never far away.”

Council staff will be near the Pavilion from 10-12pm on Sunday March 4 to give away free portable dog bag dispensers which can be attached to a dog’s lead.

The project was funded by a Sustainability Victoria Litter Innovation Grant and the Warrnambool City Council. 

Full list of designated on and off-lead areas



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