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Anzac Day in Warrnambool - advice from the RSL

News Article Date: 
Thursday, 16 April 2020
A message from the Warrnambool RSL
Warrnambool RSL’s Commemoration Sub-Committee has been pursuing its aim of always providing the best commemoration it can for our Community on ANZAC Day. This year, that has been a very difficult task – amid ever-rising Coronavirus concerns.
It is important for us all to understand and comply with current social distancing measures.  Clearly, there can be no commemorative service held at the War Memorial or Warrnambool RSL as normal.  We feel it very important to advise and remind the public that we all must all take responsibility for the greater good.  Please do not attend the RSL or Cenotaph at or around dawn on Saturday, April 25.
What we are in the final stages of preparing is a pre-recorded form of the Dawn Service that every community member will; be able to enjoy in their own homes as if they were there at the Memorial.  The service will include the familiar ‘core’ items such as the Prayer, the Ode, the Last Post and Reveille.  We will also include an address by the special guest speaker we had arranged for the day, recorded at the National Vietnam Memorial in Canberra.
The live stream is being produced by a local Warrnambool company, Fitz Media, who have provided the capability for us to bring you a broadcast-quality production item in a professionally-edited package. 
We are grateful for the willing and invaluable help we have received from ‘Fitz’ – it wouldn’t have been achievable without them.  It is planned that it will be ‘live-streamed’ primarily through the Warrnambool RSL Facebook page, but shared through as many other media outlets as possible.
So, your ANZAC Day experience can begin as follows:
5:30 am – ANZAC Dawn Service from The Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, brought to you in your own home by ABC Television and Radio
6am – ‘Stand To for the ANZACs’ at your front gate
6am – Warrnambool Community Dawn Service, as if from the Warrnambool War Memorial, brought to you at home by the Warrnambool City Council, Warrnambool RSL and Fitz Media Productions
Stand to for the ANZACS is a popularly driven gesture, able to be supported from your street front, without gathering, at 6am. 
Those who prefer to start their local service at its traditional time can go directly to the Community Dawn Service live stream from 06am

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