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$58 million committed to implementing Shipwreck Coast Master Plan

News Article Date: 
Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The Federal Government has committed $58 million towards implementation of the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan.

The announcement was made on October 29 by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

“This deal will be a game changer from Geelong all the way along the Coast,” Mr Morrison said.

“When it comes to tourism in Australia it doesn’t get much more iconic than the Twelve Apostles and the Great Ocean Road.

“Every year, more than six million people drive along the Great Ocean Road, and two million visit the Twelve Apostles.

“But we don’t want people just day tripping from Melbourne; we want them staying the night at a local hotel, eating dinner at the local pub, and buying coffee in the morning at a local cafe.

Federal Member for Wannon Dan Tehan said updating tourist infrastructure at the Twelve Apostles, Glenample Precinct and Gibson Steps would support the visitor economy, help to better manage large numbers of tourists and enhance the visitor experience while generating hundreds of local jobs.

“It will improve access and safety, reduce congestion at key tourist sites and lay the foundations for private sector development, such as quality accommodation. It will also help disperse visitors throughout the region and shift the perception of the Great Ocean Road from a day trip destination to an overnight and multi-day visitor experience,” Mr Tehan said.

“The construction of a new Visitor Experience Centre at Glenample is central to this vision.”

The Great Ocean Road region attracts over six million visitors a year – more than double the Great Barrier Reef and a million more than the Blue Mountains – and generated around $1.3 billion in tourist spending in the year ending June 2017. Visitor numbers are expected to increase by up to 50 per cent by 2025.

Shipwreck Coast Master Plan

The Shipwreck Coast Master Plan contains a significant range of projects, proposed to be delivered in three stages. It will direct investment along the Shipwreck Coast to enhance the visitor experience along the Great Ocean Road, strengthen the local economy and drive jobs. The Coalition will fund Stage Two priority projects in the Twelve Apostles and Glenample precinct, which is home to the Great Ocean Road’s key visitor attractions. These include public tourism infrastructure upgrades at the precinct and projects to support private sector investment.

Glenample Visitor Experience Centre (Commonwealth contribution $20.2 million)

A Visitor Experience Centre at Glenample will be built next to the Glenample Homestead. Situated 1.5km southeast of the existing visitor centre, it will be a centre point of the overall dispersion of visitors throughout the Shipwreck Coast. That will include improved access for coaches, a park and ride hub and picnic facilities. The site is ideally located close to key attractions including the Twelve Apostles, Gibson’s Steps and the Glenample Homestead. The Centre will also include information and tourist experiences to help enrich the understanding of visits to the Shipwreck Coast.

Glenample Homestead Refurbishment (Commonwealth contribution $3.4 million)

The historic Glenample Homestead, built in 1869, will be refurbished as part of the adjacent Visitor Experience Centre. The refurbishment will help ensure the Homestead’s structural integrity and maintenance to provide a quality visitor experience and ensure the site is suitable for safe public access. There may be possibilities to explore other opportunities for the Homestead and surrounding precinct as part of this project, such as showcasing regional produce.

Business enablement fund ($23.35 million)

The lack of essential service infrastructure networks in the region, including potable water and sewerage, has been identified as a significant barrier to new private investment. This investment includes funding for water and wastewater headworks, upgrades for site-specific infrastructure to enable new development, planning and acquisition to help unlock new development sites, and towards support in international markets.

Twelve Apostles viewing infrastructure (Commonwealth contribution $3.3 million)

New infrastructure proposed at the existing Twelve Apostles viewing area will redefine the visitor experience. This includes an all-weather amphitheatre and viewing deck ($1.9 million), and viewing hide and emergency shelter ($1.4 million).

Twelve Apostles visitor pod (Commonwealth contribution $1.1 million)

The existing Twelve Apostles visitor centre will be refurbished as a ‘visitor pod’ that will be the base for visitors coming from the Visitor Experience Centre to see the Twelve Apostles. This will include new food and drink retail, new site interpretation, and infrastructure to receive people travelling on shuttle buses from the main Visitor Experience Centre.

Gibson’s Steps visitor pod and beach access (Commonwealth contribution $2.2 million)

The project will provide an arrival point and visitor gateway to the Gibson’s Steps ($500,000), as well as a bike node, shelter and rest area with site information. The proposal includes a new iconic tunnel through the cliff and beach stairs experience ($1.7 million), with controlled access during severe weather conditions. The works will improve visitor access and crowd management at the iconic site.

Car parks (Commonwealth contribution $1.5 million)

New car parks will be built, including an interim car park at the Twelve Apostles to manage demand during the delivery of the Shipwreck Coast Master Plan projects ($1.4m) and the establishment of a local permit car park at Gibson’s Steps to cater for local parking demand ($100,000).

Interpretive visitor information (Commonwealth contribution $100,000)

There is limited signage and interpretive information at key Shipwreck Coast destinations. Additional interpretive information is proposed to draw the visitor into exploring new and varied locations, enhancing the visitor experience and increasing both lengths of stay and visitor yield. It will provide for a deeper, more engaging experience with stories explaining the Indigenous and other elements of the local history, and draw the visitor into exploring new and varied locations.

Land acquisition, revegetation and demolition (Commonwealth contribution $2.3 million)

$2.3 million towards land acquisition, revegetation and demolition works necessary to deliver the suite of projects. This will predominantly be allocated towards the costs of delivering works at the Glenample Homestead Precinct.

Improving international driver safety (Commonwealth contribution $250,000)

Funding will be allocated to a driver safety campaign to educate international tourists who are driving along the Great Ocean Road region. Signage and advertising relating to road safety would be rolled out at key gateway points and en route, including for example at key stopping points, coach back advertisements, inflight magazines, airports, and rental car pamphlets. The campaign will focus on reminding international drivers of local driving rules and conditions.

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