Lost and Found Animals

Finding an animal

If you find a lost animal, contact Council on (03) 5559 4800.

Finding a native Australian animal

If you find a native Australian animal contact Wildlife Rescue on 1300 094 535.

Keeping animals

It is against the law to keep a lost animal. You must report it to Council as soon as possible. All dogs are taken to the RSPCA Warrnambool Branch.

If you are interested in keeping the animal let the RSPCA know. If no one claims the animal in eight days, the RSPCA will contact you.

Animal claims/lost enquiries

RSPCA (Warrnambool Branch)
23 Braithwaite Street
Warrnambool 3280
Phone: (03) 5561 2591
Fax: (03) 5562 9039
Email: warrnamboolshelter@rspcavic.org.au
Website: www.rspcavic.org

Lost a pet

Make a list of information, which will easily identify your pet.

  • What size, breed, colour and age is your pet?
  • When was the last time you saw your pet?
  • Is your pet microchipped? What is the microchip number?
  • Is your pet registered? What is the registration number?
  • Does your pet have a name tag?
  • Does your pet have any distinctive marks?

Who to call first

At first point, call Council on (03) 5559 4800 and provide them with information on your pet.

What else can I do?

  • Ask your neighbours if they have seen your pet.
  • Put up signs around your neighbourhood, except for on street poles.

Prevent your pet getting lost

Make sure you:

  • Microchip your pet.
  • Register your pet.
  • Put name tags on your pet with a contact telephone number.
  • Check fences and gates so your pet cannot escape, and
  • Keep your pet inside at night.