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Hopkins River Mouth
Hopkins River Mouth

Hopkins River mouth

Opening the mouth of the Hopkins River

The Hopkins River mouth between Logans Beach and Point Ritchie is one of Warrnambool’s most picturesque natural features.

In order to maintain healthy river levels and prevent flooding, when required, Council excavates the blocked river mouth allowing the river to flow into the ocean.

While flood prevention is an imperative, equally as important is ensuring the artificial opening of the river mouth does not negatively impact marine life.

When the river mouth is opened, it is predominantly the top layer of water, to a depth of about 1.5m, which washes into the ocean.

Rigorous water quality testing before the river mouth is opened ensures that when this upper layer of water is discharged, marine life will survive.

The PH, salinity, conductivity, temperature and dissolved oxygen levels are measured at various depths from the river surface down to the river bed.

This is done at eight points along a 13km stretch of river from Lyndoch to Allansford.

Council undertakes the tests in partnership with Deakin University. A final decision on whether or not to manually open the river mouth lies with the Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority.

Within 48 hours of the river mouth being opened further tests are done to ensure that the PH, salinity, conductivity, temperature and dissolved oxygen levels remain at desirable levels.

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