Have your say on the Draft Health and Wellbeing Plan

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Have your say on Council's Draft Health and Wellbeing Plan 2021-2025.

Councils are required to develop a health and wellbeing plan every four years.

While Council has an obligation to prepare the plan, achieving better health and wellbeing outcomes for Warrnambool’s community is a shared responsibility. Improving outcomes relies on collective and sustained effort from a range of partners, including all levels of government, non-government organisations, businesses, health professionals, communities, families and individuals.

Council, in partnership with a range of community stakeholders, has prepared a Draft Health and Wellbeing Plan.

The draft Plan demonstrates Council’s commitment to work in partnership with the community and local service providers to promote and implement measures that can assist in adoption of preventative health practices.

To read the plan and provide your feedback go to www.yoursaywarrnambool.com.au