Have your say on the Draft Budget and proposed Council Plan actions

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The community is encouraged to provide feedback on the Draft Council Budget for 2024-2025 and the draft Council Plan actions for 2024-2025.

Council last night released the Draft Budget and revised Council Plan actions for community comment.

“These are key documents and will determine Council actions and activity over the next financial year,” Mayor Cr Ben Blain said.

“The Draft Budget describes how Council will maintain all of our current services and covers our recent commitment to expand and diversify our home support services.

“Our rate increase is in line with the Victorian Government’s rate cap and is 0.2 per cent less than last year’s increase.

“This equates to an average of 88 cents per week increase for property owners with homes valued between $500,000 and $1 million. For residents with homes valued under $500,000 the increase will be less than 50 cents a week. 

“And we’ve still got a substantial $27.9 million capital works program.”

Proposed capital works include:

•    $9 million of new budget allocations to Council’s asset renewal program, which sees ongoing renewal of Council’s roads, bridges, footpaths, and buildings,
•    A $2.1 million upgrade of the Matron Swinton Childcare Centre, which will increase capacity for the provision of up to 33 additional childcare spaces, and a new community hub multipurpose room suitable for Maternal Child Health consultations.
•    $1.5 million towards the redevelopment of recreation facilities at Walter Oval,
•    $0.7 million to upgrade the flooring at the Val Bertrand Netball Stadium,
•    $0.6 million on Council’s CBD footpaths and Car Parks program,
•    $0.35 million on upgrading irrigation at Friendly Society’s Park, and
•    A detailed business case for the future proposed aquatic facility redevelopment
•    Year three of the joint “Coastal Connect” information technology shared services partnership with Corangamite and Moyne shires.

The waste management charge that covers the four-bin kerbside collection service has been cut from $427 to $417. 

“We’re proposing to no longer issue the FOGO caddy liners. They’re not essential but if people are still keen to use them we’ll have them for sale at the Civic Centre,” Cr Blain said.

“It’s really important that people who are interested let us know what they think.

“Are there any gaps? Are people happy with what we’ve proposed?

“Please let us know by going to www.yoursaywarrnambool.com.au .”

Ahead of the move to Council wards at the elections to be held in October, Council has proposed dismantling the Small Infrastructure Fund.

“From a governance perspective the Small Infrastructure Fund as it currently exists will not suit a subdivided municipality,” Cr Blain said.

“The removal of the fund doesn’t mean that Council can’t continue to support community groups it just means that we’ll be following a different process."

To have your say on the Draft Budget and proposed Council Plan actions go to www.yoursaywarrnambool.com.au