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Glass Collection

Glass Collection

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Glass recycling is changing this year. 

From April, Purple lidded Glass Only bins will be delivered to properties across Warrnambool.

This bin will be used to recycle glass items, like jars, bottles, and broken glassware. Keeping glass separate improves the quality of Warrnambool’s other recyclable materials, so they can be processed into new items, more easily and efficiently.

Collected glass will be taken to a local transfer station, where it is checked for contaminants, crushed, and repurposed for use in local construction projects around the City of Warrnambool. So far, the equivalent of 300,000 glass bottles have been used in local road work projects, including Walsh Rd, Dickson St, Botanic Rd and Younger St.

Excess glass can be disposed of at Cleanaway (355 Koroit St, Warrnambool VIC 3280) , free of charge.

The state is making changes too, with glass separation mandated for all Councils and the introduction of a container deposit scheme by 2023.

Visit - for more details on the state’s vision and direction for recycling.

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