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Glass Collection

Glass Collection

Kerbside Collection Reform

In response to the recycling crisis and following a community survey into recycling options, Warrnambool City Council is trialling a separate glass collection because broken glass contaminates other recyclables including paper, cardboard, metal, aluminium and plastic.

Shards of glass embedded in these materials make it very difficult to remanufacture the product into food packaging, newspapers etc.

The industry is responding by establishing recycling processing facilities that are glass free.

Collecting glass separately also provides an opportunity to process and use the glass locally in road making, decreasing transport costs and emissions and providing local economic benefit.

New landfill and recycling bins are planned to be rolled out to replace the ageing bin fleet.
Council has made the most of this opportunity by using the bin replacement to upsize the landfill bins to allow for a fortnightly landfill collection, and to use the old garbage bins for the glass bins in the trial area, by retrofitting the lids

With the introduction of FOGO most households are doing a fantastic job of separating their organics into the FOGO bin and reducing the volume in their landfill bins.
The fortnightly collection of landfill in the trial area, allows the overall number of collections to remain the same.

The state is making changes too, with a glass collection mandated for all Councils and the introduction of a container deposit scheme by 2023.

Visit - for more details on the state’s vision and direction for recycling.

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