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Fire Prevention

Municipal Fire Management Plan

Throughout the country areas of Victoria, a Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee (MFMPC) is established in each municipality under the provisions of the Country Fire Authority Act. This body has a statutory duty to prepare and maintain a Municipal Fire Management Plan and to coordinate and recommend to appropriate authorities actions for:

  • Identifying fire risks;
  • Specifying how risks are to be treated;
  • Specifying who is to be responsible; and
  • Suppressing fires that occur within their area.

What is a fire hazard?

Fine fuels such as long dry grass, fallen leaves and twigs are the main fire hazards around your house. Anything smaller in diameter than your little finger is a fine fuel.

Report any fire risk concerns either on public or private property to Council on (03) 5559 4800.

Preparing Warrnambool for the fire season

Council is committed to protecting the Warrnambool community before the fire season commences. Our fire prevention program encompasses the entire municipality including reserves, playgrounds, walking and cycling tracks as well as many other areas.

The implementation of Council's protection program will begin at the end of spring when grasses begin to dry out and include tree maintenance, spraying and grading. It is important that work to clear grasses does not commence until after they start to dry out otherwise the grasses regrow and the risk of fire returns.

Council undertakes an inspection program to identify areas needing attention. Council also uses reports from residents alerting of any hazards. To report a fire hazard contact Council on (03) 5559 4800 or lodge an online report.

What can I do to prepare my property?

  • Clearing leaves and branches from gutters and around the garden.
  • Removing undergrowth or unwanted rubbish around your property.
  • Remove dead or damaged branches from trees and bushes.
  • For more hints and tips visit the CFA website.

Open air burning & burning off

Burning off of household and other wastes and the use of backyard incinerators are all banned.

Residents cannot use incinerators to burn any of the following in the open air:

  • Grass clippings.
  • Mulch.
  • Prunings.
  • Leaves.
  • Newspapers and cardboard.

Burning such materials causes air particles, which have an adverse effect on health, especially breathing difficulties like asthma.

A permit must be obtained to burn in the City boundaries. Farm Zoned properties do not require a permit, unless they are seeking to burn during the declared Fire Danger Period. These permits for Farm Zones can be applied for via the Country Fire Authority (CFA) or Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV).

If you are burning off make sure that 10 litres of water or a working hose is readily available and that an adult is supervising the fire at all times. Outdoor fires should never be lit in high winds and are prohibited during a total fire ban. The fire must also be located 5 metres away from any building or boundary and a clear radius of 3 metres from any flammable material.

Total Fire Ban

On days of Declared Total Fire Ban no solid fuel fires are permitted. Total Fire Bans are declared only on days where the danger of fires occurring is extremely high and when fire would be expected to develop rapidly and to be extremely difficult to control.

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