Extra recycling collection, earlier pick-ups over holidays

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There’s an extra recycling collection for Warrnambool residents over the Christmas and New Year period to help ensure as much recyclable material as possible ends up in the right bin.

“Between December 24 and January 5, put your yellow-lidded recycling bin out every week, along with your usual bins,” Warrnambool City Council CEO Andrew Mason said.

“To help accommodate this, trucks will begin operating earlier in the evening, so please make sure all bins are out by 6pm.

“There will be no changes to anyone's bin night during this period.”

Mr Mason also had some handy recycling tips for the festive season.

“Wrapping paper, as long as it’s the paper kind and not the foil kind, can go in your recycling bin. Bunch it up into a ball to help keep it together,” he said.

“It’s a timely reminder that packaging foam, known as polystyrene, can’t go in your recycling bin. It might have a small triangle on it that people sometimes think is a recycling symbol, but it’s just a resin code.

“And if you have a natural Christmas tree rather than a plastic one, these can be dropped off for free at the Community Garden on the corner of Grieve and Derby streets from December 26 until January 28.

“There will be a roped-off area where you can leave your tree, which will be mulched and reused at the garden. Christmas trees only please. No other green waste will be accepted.”

For enquiries about kerbside collections over the festive period, residents are encouraged to contact Council’s contractor, Wheelie Waste, directly on 1800 999 690.