Everyday Gourmet films in Warrnambool

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Celebrity Chef Justine Schofield has spent the past two days in Warrnambool filming segments for two upcoming TV shows, expected to reach up about 4.3 million Australians. 
Filming locations include the Warrnambool Community Garden, the Warrnambool Botanic Gardens, the Breakwater and Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village.

Justine said she couldn’t be happier to be in Warrnambool.

“Everyday Gourmet has finally arrived in Warrnambool. I’ve been wanting to come here for 12 years. I said “it’s on my bucket list, please can we do it.” And we’re here finally,” she said.

“I’m a massive advocate of getting out of town, not having to go overseas and driving the two or three hours and you’ll see there’s amazing communities just like Warrnambool out there doing great things and also it’s a great place to holiday.”

Acting Warrnambool Mayor Cr Debbie Arnott said that this was a tremendous opportunity to showcase Warrnambool to a massive TV audience.

“We all know it’s a lovely place but we have to let the rest of Australia know, and what a perfect way to do it with Justine,” she said.

“She has a massive reach and she’s so well-known, so why wouldn’t we partner with her to show off our town?”

Three ‘recipe’ segments and two ‘holistic region story’ segments for Everyday Gourmet were filmed in Warrnambool between March 28 and 29.

This set of segments will then be spread across a range of episodes of Everyday Gourmet on Channel 10, on weekday afternoons.

The same segments will then also appear together as one entire episode of the ‘Everyday Gourmet – Regional Australia Series’ on SBS Food.

Season 12 episodes of Everyday Gourmet will go to air between June and October 2022.

The Everyday Gourmet Regional Australia Series will go to air sometime in mid-2022.