Event Planning and Templates

Are you planning an event in Warrnambool? There are a number of things you will need to consider.

Discuss your event idea with Events & Promotions Branch, check availability of space.

Contact us on events@warrnambool.vic.gov.au

Warrnambool is home to a number of recreation reserves, waterways and sporting grounds that can be utilised for events.

To manage these resources on behalf of the community, those responsible for the planning and delivery of an event (Event Manager), must apply for permission to use the public space (Venue).

Whether you are organising a public or private event, if it occurs in any of Warrnambool’s public open spaces you need to get an event permit or permission.

To find out more, please review the Warrnambool events planning guide before proceeding with your event.

Rallies and public protests

Rallies and public protests do not require permission from the Warrnambool City Council , however, we encourage you to make contact with our Events and Promotions team to ensure that the proposed location to the rally or protest site is available.

Before notifying Warrnambool City Council, we encourage you to contact Victoria Police for advice and to discuss potential police resourcing.
As the organiser of a rally or protest, you should also ensure that adequate insurance cover has been obtained to cover the participants.

The City and Victoria Police will also advise you about what pre-rally/protests communications you are required to undertake.


Prepare - What is your event idea?


Business Victoria have created the free Event Plannerto help anyone organise an event or festival in Victoria.

It brings together up-to-date resources and information on each step of the process; from the permits you need to apply for to available grants and support – making it easier for anyone to plan and get approval to run a safe and successful event.

Use the tool by answering a few questions about the event or festival you have in mind.

This will provide you with a to-do list and give you an idea of the approving organisations you need to consult, the planning documents you need to prepare and permits and licences you may need to apply for.

The first stage is preparation. Now is the time to consider who your intended audience is, what the event is about and what your objectives in staging the event are.

Here are some simple templates to help you with event preparation:

Not-for-profits and insurance

If you do not have public liability insurance and you are an individual or group hosting a non-profit making activity, we may be able to arrange coverage under our policy for a fee, depending on the nature of your activity/event.


Apply - Submit an Event Application

Your application form must be provided to Council a minimum of six weeks prior to the event.
If your event is within the next 6 weeks, please contact the events team on events@warrnambool.vic.gov.au to discuss the details of your plans.

Click here to Submit an Event Application


Assess/ Decision

Gaining in-principle approval and application feedback

Once the Event Application has been received an Events Officer / Coordinator will be allocated to your event.

Your Events Officer / Coordinator will liaise with our internal representatives and other agencies. Your Events Officer / Coordinator will provide you with feedback, put you in direct contact and/or set up meetings to discuss your application.

Depending on the suitability of your event concept, availability of date and venue – you may receive in-principle permission to continue planning for your event.


Welcoming Events

People will choose to participate in events depending on the ease of access, quality and range of activities available to them. A person with a disability has a right to have access to places used by the public, which includes public events. The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) considers it illegal for public places to be inaccessible to people with a disability.

Over four million Australians – around 19% of our population - have a physical, intellectual or other disability. This figure can at times increase to about 35% of the population if you include people with temporary disabilities.

To receive Welcoming Event endorsement, complete the Welcoming Events Checklist to Stage 3 and send to events@warrnambool.vic.gov.au to receive the Welcoming Event logo to use in your event marketing materials.

Applying for permits and developing event plans

Now that you have in-principle approval, refer to feedback and Event Planning Guide to understand what permits and plans you will need in order to receive final approval from the City and other agencies.

As soon as you have in principal approval for your event to proceed, you can promote your event on our web calendar under visitwarrnambool/events.

Here are some simple templates to help you with event planning:

Staging Event

Receiving approval and staging the event

Once all permits have been issued and the Event Plans have been accepted by the City and relevant agencies, you will receive a final Event Permission Letter.


Post event

Depending on the nature of your event, there may be different requirements for post event reporting.

The events team can assist you with templates and advice with reporting if required.