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Essential Safety Measures

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Council is required to carry out essential safety measure inspections on certain buildings ranging from Class 1b to Class 9 buildings. When the construction of a building is complete, the building owner is responsible for its upkeep and maintenance, particularly its safety features.

The maintenance of essential safety measures will ensure the building and its occupants are protected from dangers such as fire. These safety measures are required to be maintained and serviced at regular periods by a licensed tester.

An essential safety measure is defined under the Building Regulations to include the following:

  • Air conditioning systems.
  • Exit doors.
  • Early warning systems.
  • Emergency lifts and lights.
  • Emergency power supply.
  • Emergency warning systems.
  • Exit signs.
  • Fire control centres.
  • Fire curtains and doors.
  • Fire extinguishers.
  • Fire detectors and alarm system.
  • Fire hydrants.
  • Fire isolated stairs.
  • Fire rated materials.
  • Fire windows.
  • Mechanical ventilation.
  • Passage ramps.
  • Paths of travel to exits.
  • Smoke alarms.
  • Smoke control systems.

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