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Dog & Cat Registration

Rules about registration

If you have a dog or cat, you must:

  • Microchip and register at three months of age.
  • Renew the registration every year by April 10.
  • Tell Council if you change address.
  • You may be fined if your cat or dog is over three months old and is not registered, and
  • You must follow particular restrictions in relation to dangerous and restricted breeds of dogs.

When you register a dog or cat, Council knows the pet’s owner and address, and how many dogs and cats you own. If you have more than two dogs and/or two cats per residential household you will be required to apply for a permit from Council (applicable as from April 2014).

You do not need to register pets like birds, fish and small animals.

Why register your dog or cat?

State laws require you to register your dog or cat. Upon registration Council will issue you with a registration number and tag. Your animal must wear the issued Council registration tag.

Money from pet registrations goes toward maintaining the animal shelter, improving council facilities and signage for pet owners as well as maintaining equipment for rangers and supplying poo pickup bags on the Promenade. 

The microchip number is unique to your animal for its lifetime. The registration number is unique to the Warrnambool City Council registration register. Having a microchip number does not mean that your animal in registered with the Council.

It is also recommended that your dog or cat have a separate ID tag with its name, phone number and address, so neighbours can return your pet if it escapes.

How to register your pet for the first time

Legislation requires that first time registered dogs or cats must be microchipped. Bring a copy of the de-sexing certificate, microchipping certificate and a Pensioner Concession card (if applicable) to the Warrnambool Civic Centre, 25 Liebig Street, Warrnambool. Council will provide you with a lifetime registration tag (replacements are available). Place the tag on your pet’s collar.

Registration fees April 10, 2021 to April 9, 2022

Discounts apply for pensioners, microchipped pets (registered prior to 2013), obedience trained, desexed or working dogs, dogs or cats over 10 years or animals registered with an approved feline or canine association.

Dog registration fees

  Unsterilised Desexed/Over 10 years Working dog on rural property Membership of applicable organisation (eg Dogs Victoria) Dogs with accredited training
Full Fee $216 $72 $72 $72 $72
Pension Rate $108 $36 $36 $36 $36

Declared dangerous dogs and restricted breed dogs will be registered at a flat rate of $250. No pensioner discounts apply.

Cat Registration Fees

  Unsterilised Desexed/Over 10 years Membership of applicable organisation (eg Cat Fanciers Australia)
Full Fee $216 $72 $72
Pension Rate $108 $36 $36

A half-year fee is charged if you register your dog or cat after November 1.

If an animal dies a 50 per cent refund is available up to November 1.

Recent legislative changes to the Domestic Animal Act 1994 have led to reduced fees for microchipping no longer being applied. This will only affect pets registered on or after 11th April 2013. Existing registrations with the Warrnambool City Council will still have the reduction.

How to renew your pet registration

If you have a dog or cat, you must renew the registration every year by 10 April. Council sends you a reminder for renewal in the mail. Once you pay, your pet's registration is renewed for another year.

Click Here to pay Online

Click here to Pay using Australia Post BillPay

Animal Payments can also be made using the following methods:

Bpay - Details are on your Animal Registration Notice
In Person - WCC Offices 25 Liebig Street Warrnambool
By Phone - (03) 5559 4800
By Mail - PO Box 198, Warrnambool 3280

Lost your pet’s registration tag?

There is a $20 fee payable for replacement tags.

Contact Council to arrange a new tag or to notify of a change to your animal or owner.


Warrnambool City Council
Phone: (03) 5559 4800
Fax: (03) 5559 4900
Email: wbool_city [at] warrnambool [dot] vic [dot] gov [dot] au

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