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Direction Two - Expanding Investment and Trade

Direction Two - Expanding Investment and Trade


The size and scale of China as a trade and investment partner for Warrnambool and Great South Coast offers the potential to provide a game-changing element for our region’s economy. Chinese interest in Australian-based investment is strong and growing.  This investment has grown 2,700 per cent between 2004 and 2014.  The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement will see stronger opportunity and potential for this growth to accelerate further.

Trends currently see investors looking to partner, engage and lock in supply of agricultual products, education, health and aged care services.  Fostering these market opportunites with China will require support from Warrnambool City Council to ensure our region’s internationally engaged industries remain globally seeking to enter the Chinese market.


2. Target and attract Chinese investment and trade activity aligned with our region’s competitive strengths to support economic development.


  • Engage with our local businesses community to develop an understanding of export capabilities and support requirements.
  • Build cross cultural capability, networks and relationships that supports our regions economic drivers and trade opportunities with China.
  • Explore and develop information resources which support attraction of potential investors and understanding our high value industries to support our economy and growth opportunities.
  • Collaborate with our regional, state and federal governments to improve trade-related infrastructure that supports investment opportunities and economic development.


Asia’s growing population and rising incomes drive demand for food

Diets changing to include dairy, meat and other high value goods (e.g. wine, processed foods)

Warrnambool and surrounding area is a producer of premium food, fibre and tourism experiences to the growing new middle class

Chinese Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is increasing

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