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Direction Three - Partnerships in Health and Aged Care

Direction Three - Partnerships in Health and Aged Care


Health and aged care exports to China are a significant source of growth for the Australian economy, arising from the expanding middle-class in China. In 2015, the Chinese middle-class comprised 109 million adults, the largest middle-class in the world and almost five times the size of Australia’s total population. This middle class will continue to grow (and age) over the next decade.  

Currently those aged more than 60 years in China number more than 200 million – a figure expected to increase to 440 million by 2050, An opportunity exists to support Warrnambool’s alignment towards our established and emerging industries – Health, Aged Care and Education.


3. To promote and position the Health and Aged Care services of our City to maximise research, investment and economic growth opportunities.


  • Support our local Health, Aged Care and Education sectors understand more about the Chinese healthcare system and economic development opportunities.
  • Promote Warrnambool’s expertise in healthcare, education and medical research across key sectors to assist in the development of new commercial partnerships.
  • Endorse and support private health service providers, universities and innovative firms explore and formalise economic growth opportunity and partnerships with China.

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