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Covid Safe Updates/ Guidelines

To keep up to date on all current guidelines and restrictions in place throughout Victoria please visit -
Key restrictions in place from Thursday February 18th include –

  • Masks required indoors and outdoors where social distancing cannot take place.
  • Public gatherings of up to 20 people allowed, down from 30 previously.
  • Five visitors allowed to homes, not 15, until Friday, February 26.
  • The limit to visits in hospitals and aged care homes will be one household per day.
  • Density limits for hospitality businesses apply for more than 25 patrons.
  • A limit of one person per 2sq m applies if using electronic record keeping, otherwise a density limit of one per 4sq m applies for manual record keeping.
  • Retail businesses can operate with a limit of one person per 2sq m, with electronic record keeping preferred.

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