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Council Plan

The Council Plan contains Council’s purpose and vision, the Strategic Objectives, a 20 year vision, the principles Council will use in achieving its vision and four year Strategies and Performance Indicators.

Preparation of the Council Plan is a comprehensive and complex task. It involves the coordination of existing plans, Best Value Service Reviews, Councillor and Council staff input, and community satisfaction surveys.

In addition to the statutory community engagement programs, additional community participation has occurred. This was undertaken through neighbourhood plans, advisory committees, weekly groups, forums and submissions on service and project plans.

The Plan has been prepared in the following Strategic Objective “themes”:

A Regional City of Strong Leadership.
Long-term financial planning, sustainable asset management, responsible governance and community engagement will drive our city into the future.

An Environmentally Sustainable City.
Environmental considerations will underpin all future planning and development.

A Liveable City.
Excellent cultural, recreational, health and social services will support people in our community.

A City of Growth.
Planned and sustainable development will direct our city’s growth.

The Plan includes a Strategic Resource Plan. This links directly to Council’s Annual Budget, including allocation of financial and other resources.

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Council runs and manages a number of Enterprises for the benefit of our residents and visitors.
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