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Correct Bin Placement

Correct Bin Placement - Front view
Correct Bin Placement - Side view

Bin placement

To help our collectors and ensure your bin is emptied each week following these guidelines.


  • Bin wheels facing the property.
  • Bin handle facing away from the road.
  • Bin close to the edge of the kerb.
  • Bins to be at least 1 meter apart.
  • Make sure bin lids close easily.


  • Don’t overfill your bins - make sure lids close.
  • Bins that are overfilled are difficult to empty and can cause litter to spill and attract unwanted pests.
  • Extra bags will not be collected.
  • Collection vehicles cannot pick up heavy bins (over 80kg).
  • Only put the right material in each bin - some materials can damage collection equipment, injure workers or contaminate the process. Bins cannot be collected if they contain incorrect material.
  • Make sure your bins are accessible.
  • Ensure garbage is bagged or wrapped securely - helps reduce spillages and odours.
  • Don’t jam waste into your bins - it makes collection difficult and can lead to waste remaining in your bin after collection.

Do you live in a court?

To reduce noise and the number of times a truck has to reverse in a court and therefore, the safety of residents and children, please place your bins along the straight section of court.

Place bins on the left hand side of the court as the truck would drive into the court.

Be mindful that you are placing your bin on someone else’s naturestrip and ensure all rubbish is wrapped carefully to avoid litter when it is windy.

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