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Community Funding Programs

Community Development Fund

Local community clubs and organisations can apply for funding under Council’s Community Development Fund.

The fund is to assist local clubs and organisations in developing and providing sporting, recreational, cultural or environmental sustainability programs, projects, activities or events that will be completed by the deadline of funding each year and based within Warrnambool city.

Council understands that the past year has been extremely challenging and disruptive for everyone, and in particular our local sporting and recreation clubs and community organisations who have ceased operations or operated under severe constraints due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Although the level of uncertainty still remains, Council is committed to assist our community during this difficult and anxious time. Council is continuing the 2021/22 funding round from 1 July 2021 onwards with applications closing on Friday 6 August 2021. All programs need to be completed and acquitted by 30 April 2022, except for vegetation programs which need to be acquitted by 30 June 2022.

Council will continue to monitor the situation and adapt based on public health advice from State and Federal governments. Keep up to date with Council’s overall response here.

Click here to access the Community Development Fund 2021/2022 guidelines and application. 


Assistance to individuals or groups participating in national or international events or activities

Warrnambool City Council accepts that participation in sport, recreation and community activities plays an integral part in the health and fulfilment of its residents and contributes to the development of social capital in the community.

Council offers limited assistance to individuals or groups participating in recognised national or international events.

  • The applicant/s has been selected to train in an official team/squad specifically chosen to represent Victoria/Australia at a national/international level.
  • The applicant/s has been selected to compete as an individual or team to represent Victoria/Australia at a national/international level.
  • The applicant/s has been selected to participate in an activity that has National or International significance.
  • The applicant/s has been selected to participate in training, development or competitive tours at an International level.

Council invites applications from individuals or groups based within the Warrnambool City municipal area to apply for assistance under this fund.

Please click HERE to apply



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Email: communityplanning [at] warrnambool [dot] vic [dot] gov [dot] au

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