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Which bin, which night?

Collection Schedules

Which Bin? Which Night?

All bins are collected fortnightly. FOGO and landfill bins on one week, recyling and glass bins the other.

To find out when your bins are collected, type your address below


Please put your bins out before 9pm on the dates listed above

Place bins on the nature strip of your property where the collection vehicles can easily access them.

Place bins:

  • 1 metre apart.
  • Away from obstructions like street signs, power poles, trees or vehicles.
  • Make sure the bin lid is fully closed and rubbish contained within the bin.
  • Bags placed beside bins will not be collected.

If you are finding your FOGO bin is very heavy to move then it is probably too heavy for the collection vehicle to lift. Remove some of the material for next collection.

Remember no soil, dirt, rocks or rubble.

Christmas, New Year and Public Holidays

Collections remain the same over all public holidays, however please place your bins out before 6pm on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Residents also receive an extra recycling collection over Christmas and New Year.
Refer to the collection schedule portal above for the date.



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