Application for promotional roundabout banners

Roundabout Banners are located throughout the Warrnambool CBD and are available to  community groups and organisations located in Warrnambool, to promote their events. A fee of $90 is payable for each booking. Confirmation is subject to availability.

Council is collecting the information on this form so that it may consider your application in accordance with Council Local Laws 4 & 5.  The information is only used by Council for this purpose and will not be disclosed unless required under law.

Promotional Roundabout Banner Policy

Booking Guidelines

All bookings will commence on a Monday for a period of two weeks (subject to availability). Bookings will be confirmed via a letter. A fee of $90 is payable for each booking (an invoice will be forwarded). All banners are required to adhere to the design parameters set out in the Promotional Roundabout Banner Policy provided with this application. Banners that do not adhere to the regulations provided, may not be displayed and will not be entitled to a refund. Banners are required to be delivered to the Visitor Economy Administration Centre at Flagstaff Hill, 89 Merri Street a minimum of 3 working days prior to display.
I have read, understood and accept the guidelines for Promotional Roundabout Banner bookings.

Roundabout banners booking details

Max banners: 32

Account Details

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Applicant details

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