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Warrnambool Recreation Plan 2007 - 2017

The Warrnambool Recreation Plan was developed to provide Council and the community with a strategic direction for recreation over the next ten years.

Council believes that recreation is an important factor in the wellbeing of individuals and the community, and already contributes significant resources to provide and support recreation in Warrnambool. Part of the rationale for the Plan is to ensure Council resources are allocated to recreation in a planned and integrated manner to gain maximum benefit for the community.

Recreation has many benefits:

  • It contributes to people’s physical and mental health and wellbeing.
  • It provides opportunities for people to establish social networks with participants creating social connections within communities.
  • It is a critical ingredient in making a livable city, helping to establish local identity.
  • It contributes economic benefits for businesses and communities.

The Recreation Plan has identified that Warrnambool has significant strengths in relation to recreation including:

  • A strong sporting culture.
  • The breadth of facilities available.
  • Access to the coast and rivers, and the recreation opportunities they provide.
  • The number of clubs.
  • The number of strong sporting competitions and regional events.
  • The community spirit and involvement of volunteers.


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