Sheville Grove


Part of the East Warrnambool subdivision of Ryan's estate. Runs off Wanstead Street.

Old maps show that Warrnambool once had another Shevill Street. Closed in 1931, this Shevill Street is now the north-western entrance road to the racecourse, off Moore Street.

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Named after James Wotton Shevill (c.1835-1891) who was a Councillor 1875-78 and Mayor 1877-78. He came to Warrnambool in 1855 and was a builder by trade, best noted for his building of "Murweh" in Liebig St in 1874. In the 1860s he ran a wheelwright business at 150-152 Liebig Street. At the time of his death he was an auctioneer of Melbourne.

Note the spelling difference - James Shevill had no "e" at the end of his name. Original records show that the street was meant to be Shevill but at some point an extra "e" was mistakenly added to the name.

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