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Is my Child Ready for Kinder?

Children who turn 4 years old on or before April 30 are eligible to attend a four year old kindergarten program. Each child develops at his/her own rate, and although your child’s age may make him/her eligible to start kindergarten, other factors may impact on his/her readiness for this experience.

You are encouraged to consult with relevant childhood professionals eg. Maternal & Child Health Nurse, Preschool Field Officer, kindergarten or prep teacher, early years therapist/s or support services working with your child/family, for guidance as your child will be expected to complete a full year of kindergarten once they begin attending.  State Government funding is limited to one year for each child (unless your child is eligible for an Early Start Kindergarten grant or a second year of funded kindergarten). 

If your child will turn six years of age (compulsory school age) before or while attending their first or second year of funded kindergarten you must obtain an exemption from attending school.  Parents/guardians are responsible for seeking this exemption by applying to the Department of Education.

If you are concerned about whether your child is ready for kindergarten, or need more information about when is the best time for your child to go to kindergarten, you can attend a free information session.

Kindergarten Readiness Information Session

This information session is to assist parents with the big decision of whether to enrol their child into kinder.
Warrnambool City Council early childhood professionals will provide information to assist and guide families to make this decision.

Venue: Children’s Services Centre, 600 Raglan Parade, Warrnambool
Date: Wednesday 20th June 2018   
Time: 5.30pm – 6.30pm
RSVP: City Assist 5559 4800 by Friday 15th June 2018

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