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Stingray Bay at dusk

Oceanarium: a celebration of the Warrnambool coast

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Do you wander Warrnambool’s coastline with camera or mobile phone in hand capturing the beauty of our natural environment?

Keen to share your videos with a bigger audience and be part of a visual arts project?

We're gathering video footage of our beautiful coastal setting for a project – Oceanarium – that will celebrate Warrnambool and the sea.

Oceanarium is a multi-artwork installation that is being created especially for Fun4Kids 2016. Four local artists will use a combination of textile art, sculpture and video to recreate the sensory richness of Warrnambool’s unique marine environment.

Open Ocean Video Sphere is one of these artworks. Its creation is being led by filmmaker Colleen Hughson. This is a collaborative video project that will unfold in the months leading up to Fun4Kids.

The more diverse imagery we can assemble the better, anything from underwater scenes, rock pools, sandy beaches, rocky shores and crashing waves to seaweed and sea creatures.

Whether you are a surfer, diver, fisher, marine scientist, bird watcher or a keen photographer we’d love to see any video you’ve taken.

What will be done with the video?

The footage will be edited at a series of community workshops (details to come over the next few weeks) to create a video montage of the Warrnambool coast as seen through the eyes (and lenses) of those who know and love it best.

The final production will be presented within the final Oceanarium installation at Fun4Kids Festival 2016 across nine video projectors.

The video will also be made available as a DVD and online for people to view and share.

Interested? Here’s a little technical stuff…

We accept footage shot on all types of cameras: video cameras, smartphones, iPads, tablets, Go Pros, DSLRs and drones

Shoot your footage in landscape format, not portrait. A good duration for each clip would be 30 to 60 seconds, but we would still accept either longer or shorter videos.

Feel free to submit as many clips as you like!

We’re after the best possible quality so if you have a quality setting on your phone or video camera set to the highest possible quality. 

Are you keen to participate? Here’s some additional information that’s important for you.

You can submit your videos in one of five ways:
1. Visit to upload your video. The maximum file size is 200MB per file. Multiple videos will need to be submitted one at a time
2. If you have your own file transfer account (such as Dropbox or Vimeo) upload it there and email a link to
3. If you have a Vimeo account send us a link to your video and we can download it from there
4. Visit the Civic Centre at 25 Liebig Street with your video on a USB drive or SD card, which we will copy and return to you. If you are using an Apple device, your video could potentially be transferred using AirDrop
5. From March 7, a limited number of USB sticks will be available for people wanting to submit lots of clips or very large files. These can be mailed to you along with a pre-paid envelope allowing you to mail it back to us. For more information on this method, contact Colleen Hughson on

Once you’ve submitted your video please complete and submit an online licence agreement.

This will mean you retain copyright over your video but grant us permission to use it for the Oceanarium project.

The project has been made possible by Festivals Australia and Arts Victoria.

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