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What is microchipping?

A microchip is a small computer chip with a unique number on it. It is the size of a grain of rice. It is put into the loose skin of an animal’s neck. Microchipping takes a few seconds and is painless. It lasts forever.

After microchipping, the vet gives information about your pet, and your name and address to the Australian Animal Registry.

A microchip is a great way to ensure your pet is permanently identified as yours. This means that if your pet gets out or becomes lost, they have a greater chance of being returned to you.

Microchipping is not a substitute for Council pet registration.

On May 1 2007, it became mandatory that all cats or dogs which are being registered for the first time must be microchipped prior to registration.

Where to get your pet microchipped

Pounds, animal shelters and vets provide microchipping.

Keep your pets records up to date

If you change your address, contact details or need to update your information, you must notify Council to ensure your animal has accurate contact details.

Microchip Provider
If you change your address, contact details or need to update your information, you must also notify the microchip register.


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