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There are many types of fencing that require building permits and some that do not. These fences range from brick front fences to timber side and rear fences.

Fences that adjoin side and rear property lines do not require a building permit if constructed under 2.0 metres in height.

Fences along front (and side) street boundaries that are constructed of brick or stone above 1.2 metres in height and timber and steel fences above 1.5 metres high require a building permit (see Item 10, Schedule 8 of the Building Regulations 2006).

Fencing located on the front and side street boundaries of a corner property cannot exceed 1.0 metres in height when within 9.0 metres of the intersection of street alignments.

If there is a need for the fence to be higher, a dispensation will be required from the Municipal Building Surveyor.

Further information

The Dispute Settlement Centre can give legal advice on the Fence Act and also help mediate between the two parties when matters cannot be resolved.

Fencing Online has provides various information ranging from copies of the Fencing Act, Fencing Notice forms and other helpful information.

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